Data privacy statement

Every time a user accesses a page of "Facts about Germany", and every time a file is retrieved, data relating to the procedure are stored in a log file. These data are not evaluated on a personal basis. We reserve the right to conduct a statistical evaluation of the data.

The following data relating to each procedure are stored:

- Client computer (IP addess and domain name)
- Name of the user, if authorisation is required (in the case of password-protected pages)
- Date and time
- First line of the request
- Status
- Bytes transmitted
- The page the user came from (referrer)
- The browser the request is coming from (user agent)

The data are stored for security reasons, to guarantee the stability and operating security of our system.

Personal data and their transfer to third parties.

We only store personal data as well as the access data if voluntarily provided. Furthermore, personal data are only used to the necessary extent and only for the purpose to which you gave your consent, or which is legally permissible.

All data are saved only on specially protected servers. Access to these is only possible by a few specially authorised persons who support the servers in a technical, commercial, or editorial capacity. The data are not forwarded to third parties and in particular are not sold, leased, or exchanged.

Only in the event, in order to perform the services you would like to use, of our using sub-contractors or agents who require these data, will we transfer the data to the extent required.

In such cases we oblige our partners to treat the data confidentially in accordance with legal stipulations, and to delete them immediately when they are no longer required. However, we are sure you will appreciate that we are unable to ensure at all times that our partners adhere to this, and as such can assume no liability for possible violations on their part.

Use of cookies

Some of our pages may use cookies or other technologies installed by us. They enable us to support you more effectively when you return to our website. However, you have the option to adjust your browser settings so that it informs you when a cookie is placed so that you can block it. You can also set your browser to block all cookies. However, this may mean that some pages no longer function properly.


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Data protection statement