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Education and university

Germany is well positioned as a place of education, research and scholarship. Dual vocational training is a proven model for success and in the country rankings, Germany is amongst the most popular destinations for international students.

Bildung und Hochschule

School and education

In Germany, it is the 16 federal states that are responsible for education and education policy. The German model of dual vocational training, which combines theory and practice, is in strong demand internationally.

Attractive School System

In Germany it is compulsory for all children to attend school. The Federal states are responsible for the school system.

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Duale Ausbildung
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Dual vocational training

The German model of a dual vocational training system, which is now in demand worldwide, is successful thanks to its characteristic combination of theory and practice.

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Students from abroad by country of origin

Foreign students – Source: Wissenschaft weltoffen 2020

Facts and figures

9 years of compulsory education
Children aged six and over must attend school for a minimum of nine years in Germany.
Schüler gehen zusammen
11 million pupils
That’s the number of children and adolescents who attend the approximately 42,300 schools in Germany.
140 German schools abroad
These provide an education for 22,000 German and 60,000 non-German pupils in more than 70 countries.
326 apprenticeship trades
Training for these professions covers both theoretical and practical elements in Germany’s dual system.
Girl in New York
37,000 university collaborations
German universities have agreements with partners in more than 150 countries.
390 higher education institutions
The German higher education world offers excellent prospects even beyond the big cities.
2.9 million students
More than half of young people in Germany now study for a university degree.

Excellent higher education

German universities and higher education institutions enjoy a very good reputation the world over and are sought-after cooperation partners. Germany is also the most popular non-English-speaking host country for international students.

Dynamische Hochschullandschaft
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Dynamic Academic Landscape

Study opportunities with international appeal: The German academic world is diverse and excellent – and not only in the major cities.

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Beliebtes Studienland
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A popular study destination

Germany is a very popular destination for students from all over the world – and the range of foreign-language and international study courses is growing.

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The Excellence Initiative is announced for higher education institutions. The Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation provides funding for non-university research organisations.
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Almost all courses have been switched over to ¬Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses. State-regulated ¬degree courses, Medicine and Law are an exception. The proportion of state spending on research and development as a ratio of gross domestic product has exceeded three percent for the first time.
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Ten universities and one university group in Berlin were selected to benefit from the Excellence Initiative pursued nationally and by the individual federal states. Comprehensive financial support will help them to heighten their profiles still further in coming years.

Networked research world

Germany is one of the most important players in the global knowledge society. The research and higher education world has a strong international focus.


Vibrant Hub of Knowledge

Germany is well positioned as an academic hub. Research has a more international focus than ever before.
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