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“Facts about Germany” e-paper

Download here the book edition of 2018 (178 pages, PDF)
Tatsachen über Deutschland Buchcover 2018

Everything you wish to know about Germany today can be found in “Facts about Germany”. How the political system works. Which guiding principles shape foreign policy. What characterises the economy. What key issues concern society. What is new in art and culture – and many more topics besides.

Up to date, reliable, and compact, with numerous facts, figures, and diagrams, the practical handbook offers an extensive basic know­ledge of and insights into all areas of modern life in Germany.

Deutsche Ausgabe: Tatsachen über Deutschland 2018

English language: Facts about Germany 2018

Édition française: Allemagne – Faits et réalités

Edición en español: La actualidad de Alemania

Edição em português: Perfil da Alemanha

Издание на русском языке: Факты о Германии

中文版: 《德国概况》

اللغة العربية: حقائق عن األمانيا

Wydanie w języku polskim: Niemcy w świetle faktów i liczb

Türkçe baski: İşte Almanya

日本語版: 「ドイツの実情」

Bahasa Indonesia: Fakta Mengenai Jerman

한국어: 독일에 관한 모든 것

Українська мова: Факти про Німеччину