Club life

dpa/Jan Woitas
Sports is among the most popular recreational activities – and offers many opportunities to learn tolerance.

Sports are among the top interests of young people in Germany. For many of them, their sports club is a second family. Altogether there are 91,000 sports clubs in Germany with 27 million members. And football is the absolute number one among the many popular sports in the country. Almost two million boys aged between five and 19 are active members of football clubs and play competitive matches at weekends. Girls also love to play, with 330,000 aged 16 and under playing in clubs, according to the German Football Association (DFB). Club membership often costs less than ten euros a month. This is because many people devote their time and energy to club life on a voluntary basis in their spare time, i.e., without being paid.

Sports always present an opportunity to find new friends. Together you can learn team skills, fair play, and tolerance. The key rule is that on the pitch everyone is equal, wherever you come from, whatever language you speak at home. This is echoed by national team players Jérôme Boateng, Lukas Podolski, and Mesut Özil, who were among those whose childhood dream became reality on 13 July 2014 in Rio de Janeiro: to be World Champions!

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