A booming creative scene

Dave and Les Jacobs/Getty Images/Blend Images
Cinema, art, games, music, 
design: Germany’s cultural scene is rich, diverse, vibrant, full of ­surprises and international 

Most likely you have heard of the fam­ous composers Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, or of great writers such as Goethe (Faust), Schiller (The Robbers) and Thomas Mann (Buddenbrooks). Germany is proud of its “classics”. A typical feature of Germany’s cultural world has always been its rich diversity. Today, completely different currents keep evolving and exist alongside one another. Classical music and Rock music, Indie and Mainstream. Perhaps you too like listening to the tunes of German music producers and DJ Felix Jaehn? Or you have witnessed live performances by DJs Sven Väth, the “God­father of Techno”, or Paul van Dyk? Indeed, today even computer games and film animations are quite often made in Germany, making its cultural and cre­ative scene pretty cool and exciting. Berlin is one of the world’s trendsetting hubs for hip ideas. Mind you, creative projects are also masterminded in Hamburg, Munich, and Frankfurt am Main. In fact, Frankfurt-based companies animated the dragons in Game of Thrones and created the special effects for ­Martin Scorsese’s award-winning movie Hugo Cabret.

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