“We would found a business again anytime”

Stephan Pramme
Great idea: Mengting Gao set up her own business with a start-up.

As a student I already knew that I wanted to launch my own company straight after college. Then I met Verena at university near Koblenz. We had plenty of ideas for a start-up. But it was only business models to do with food that really grabbed us.

I used to watch a lot of cooking shows. Quite often the dishes presented on TV are difficult to replicate at home. People cannot remember some basic steps, like how to blanch vegetables. This prompted us to develop the App Kitchen Stories. To realise our idea we moved to Berlin, borrowed money from our parents, I sold my car – then we got ­going. Berlin is very open to new ideas. People in the start-up scene know and support one another. With our app anyone can cook even the most brilliant of international meals. We make sure our recipes are high quality and get top chefs on board to test them. So far our App has been downloaded by more than 7 million people worldwide. We would found a business again anytime.

Mengting Gao, 26, co-founder of the App Kitchen Stories

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