“You can sense the creative atmosphere everywhere”

Stephan Pramme
Green mobility: Alexander Meiritz established a sharing service for e-scooters.

My friends Hauke and Valerian and I registered with a car-sharing service in Berlin some time ago. It didn’t take long for us to get annoyed with the idea: there are simply not enough parking spaces. Which is why we founded eMio, a sharing service for scooters. The three of us developed a prototype and purchased a small test fleet – of four scooters. We opted for e-scooters, because they are fun to drive and environmentally friendly. At night our student assistants replace the empty batteries on the scooters with fully charged ones. Our app shows where there is a scooter that is not in use and unlocks it for the new users. A total of 150 of our scooters have been flitting about Berlin since June 2015. Seeing people using them is a fantastic feeling.

We were able to realise our idea because we won an EU competition and received scholarships. Lots of start-ups get help from their professors. You can feel this vibrant atmosphere of creativity in the air all over Berlin. A great many start-ups make their dreams reality here.

Alexander Meiritz, 27, 
co-founder of eMio-Sharing

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