Cosmopolitan Germany

Young people have numerous ­opportunities to apply themselves
Young people have numerous ­opportunities to apply themselves Tara Moore/Getty Images/The Image Bank
Rights, duties, and volunteering: anyone living in Germany is free to decide how he or she wishes to live. People have many freedoms that enable them to help shape the country.

Germany is a peaceful, democratic country. Men and women have the same rights, and all inhabitants – and the state – must comply with the law in this “state under the rule of law”. You are free to choose your opinion and your religion: the constitution guarantees these rights and they are valued particularly highly. Civil society also defines modern Germany. Millions of young people are active in their free time – in clubs, church or political associations, and non-governmental organ­isations.

Germany is a country of immigration. Since the 1960s people have come here to live and work. Those who are well-educated have many opportunities to move here. One in five people in Germany has an immigrant background. For political refugees, the right to asylum is anchored in the constitution. Particularly high numbers of refugees arrived in 2015. In many towns and cities volunteers helped those arriving from war zones and crisis regions. However, hostile tendencies were vis­ible in the debate on refugees and immigration.

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