Entering training and the world of work

School, degree course, profession: in our globalised world, a good education is the springboard to the future. The education system in Germany represents a good launch pad in this regard.

For young people in Germany, education and training is very important. The education system offers them numerous opportunities. Generally there is not just “one route” by which they can progress, but rather interesting alternatives and side routes. Firstly, as everywhere, there are different types of school qualification. In formal terms the highest qualification from a school is the “Abitur”, or “Abi” for short, equivalent to a high school certificate. Anyone who has this under their belt can study at a university – and an increasing number of young people are doing just that. In Germany there are no fewer than 415 higher education institutions! They guarantee ­academic education at the highest inter­national ­levels, which is one reason why Germany is the third most popular country among international students after the USA and the UK. However, anyone who doesn’t complete the Abi or does not wish to study at university still has a good chance of entering a skilled profession. The dual education model combines work and training and has been so successful for so long that other countries are now adopting it as a model. The fact that so many young people in Germany have jobs is also down to the fact that they are educated so well and to the very latest standards.

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