Prime career prospects

picture alliance/blickwinkel
Skilled workers will find numerous career opportunities in the German job market.

The prospects for young people in the job market are good. Qualified skilled workers are most in demand in medical and technical/scientific professions. For engineers and technicians, the opportunities are similarly plentiful: Germany is one of the countries with the highest rates of employment in the EU and has the lowest percentage of youth jobless among EU member states. Skilled young workers from non-EU countries can also seek work in Germany. Of course many of them wish to work for one of Germany’s global players, but medium-sized firms in the automotive, energy, and mechanical engin­eering industries are also looking for new employees. Many of these com­panies are innovative world market leaders with successful products. Promising start-ups are also being set up all 
over Germany, most significantly in the capital Berlin.

Most companies score points for their good work environments, and more and more young workers place great emphasis on a good work-life balance. Young mothers and fathers too can now shape their careers differently than earlier generations. Migrants represent an important economic factor: more than 700,000 people with a migrant background own a business.

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