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Working in Germany

Germany's stable employment market offers attract­ive career opportunities to professionals from around the world.

Arbeiten in Deutschland
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Attraktiver Arbeitsmarkt

Attractive Labour Market

Germany's stable employment market offers attract­ive career opportunities to professionals from around the world.
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Career opportunities for international skilled workers

In many industries, German businesses are in need of well-qualified staff. The world of science and the groves of academia likewise offer appealing opportunities. For many people, dual vocational training is the way to their dream job.

Besserer Zugang zum Arbeitsmarkt
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Better access to the job market

In Germany, the number of people of working age is falling. The Federal Government is therefore encouraging immigration by skilled workers from abroad.

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Vernetzte Wissenschaft
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Networking Academia

The German research landscape has an international focus and is well networked and open to academics from abroad.

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Duale Ausbildung
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Dual vocational training

The German model of a dual vocational training system, which is now in demand worldwide, is successful thanks to its characteristic combination of theory and practice.

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324 careers
Just under a million young people in Germany go on from school to train in one of the many officially recognised training careers under the dual system.
duale Ausbildung
4,815 requests for information
have been submitted by other countries concerning the dual vocational training system to GOVET, the German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training since its foundation.
March 1, 2020
The date when the Skilled Immigration Act came into force, a law which makes it easier for skilled workers from non-EU countries to enter the German labor market.
30 percent
The minimum proportion of woman who companies listed on the stock exchange and subject to codetermination regulations must ensure as a fixed quota for their supervisory boards.
24.8% of those in employment in Germany
worked from home during 2021.

Business and innovation

Germany is investing heavily in research and development, and places great emphasis on its companies’ innovative strength.

Innovative Kreativwirtschaft
Successful creative industries

The creative industry is a growth sector with great potential. For self-employed people in particular, it offers ample scope and opportunities for development.

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Innovative Economy

Germany has the world’s fourth-largest economy. It is unique for its combination of a thriving culture of innovation, a focus on exports and a robust SME sector. The Federal Government aims to create a social-environmental market economy in Germany.

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Digitale Transformation der Industrie
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Digital transformation for industry

The economy is going through the fourth industrial revolution. 

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