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Sustainability and environment

Germany works with its partners to promote sustainable global development. German policy is guided by the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals.

Hände halten Pflanzen

Responsible action

In its sustainability strategy, Germany aligns its approach with the 2030 Agenda and other guiding principles set by the United Nations. Numerous national initiatives contribute to its successful implementation.

Nachhaltige Entwicklung

Fostering sustainable Development

The sustainable development of all nations lays the foundations for a peaceful future. It’s a goal to which the Federal Government is firmly committed.
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The 2030 Agenda as a compass

The international community has set itself ambitious targets for sustainable development. Germany and its partners are doing their part to bring about change.
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A green future

Germany is committed to protecting the environment and biodiversity. At the same time, through its energy transition strategy the country is tapping ecological and economic opportunities.

Lebenswichtige Vielfalt
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Essential Diversity

Germany is a nation of great biological diversity.  From the North Sea to the Alps, 16 widely different national parks and UNESCO biosphere reserves serve to protect the environment and natural world.

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Sustainable Tourism

Demand for eco-tourism and sustainable travel is also growing in Germany. 

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For the mobility of the future

Transforming the transport system is an essential element of achieving climate protection goals in Germany and around the world. 

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Generationenprojekt Energiewende
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Energy Transition – A Project for Generations

Germany has been promoting renewable energies since the 1990s. The Energy Transition is leading to electricity predominantly coming from regenerative sources.

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Windenergie und Solarenergie
Biosphärenreservate Deutschland

Facts and figures

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Arbeiter auf Windrad
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The number of people working in the field of renewable energy in Germany in 2021.
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The share of total electricity generation in Germany which was made up by renewables in 2022.
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At least 80%
The target for renewable energy in Germany by 2030.
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17% reduction in primary energy use
In 2020, primary energy use was down almost 17% compared to 2008 and the aim is to achieve a 50% reduction by 2050.
1.85 million km of power lines
More than 80 percent of these run under the ground, while around 324,000 km are overhead power lines.