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Peace and security

Together with its partners, Germany champions peace, security, democracy, and human rights the world over.

Frieden und Sicherheit
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At a glance

Multilateral cooperation

The central objective of German foreign policy is to ensure peace and security in the world. The basic coordinates of its actions include the country’s comprehensive integration into multilateral structures for cooperation.

Annalena Baerbock
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Shared responsibility

International cooperation is the foundation of German foreign policy. It works with partners in Europe and around the world to stand up for freedom, democracy and human rights.

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Commitment to peace and security

Germany participates widely in multilateral cooperation and promotes democracy, and human rights all over the world.

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Humanitäre Hilfe
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Humanitarian aid

Germany helps people in need as a result of crises or natural disasters, regardless of their causes.

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Partner in the world

Efforts to safeguard human rights world-wide is a cornerstone of German foreign policy. Moreover, the country is strongly involved in development cooperation and in acute crisis situations provides humanitarian assistance world-wide.

Nachhaltige Entwicklung
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Fostering sustainable Development

The sustainable development of all nations lays the foundations for a peaceful future. It’s a goal to which the Federal Government is firmly committed.

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Unicef Covax Initiative
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The global fight against the Corona pandemic

Germany is duly assuming international responsibilities in the fight against the Corona pandemic and is supporting the global vaccination campaigns in emerging and developing countries.

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Schutz von Menschenrechten
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Protection of Human Rights

The respect of human rights is enshrined in the Basic Law. On the global level, too, Germany is committed to protecting basic freedoms.

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Federal government expands humanitarian aid

Germany is the world’s second-largest state donor of aid. (billions of euros)

Humanitäre Hilfe

Facts and figures

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3.14 billion euros
This is the sum Germany spent in 2020 on promoting peace and stability worldwide.
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1.64 billion euros for humanitarian aid
This was Germany’s total spending in 2020.
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Deutscher UN-Soldat
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216 million euros
This is the total Germany contributed to the UN and other multilateral organizations.
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Almost 23.81 billion US dollars (2019)
This sum makes Germany the second-biggest donor for government development cooperation.
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Auswärtiges Amt
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227 diplomatic missions
The Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany employs 12,100 people.