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Digital media

The Internet is fundamentally changing the media landscape in Germany too.
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Digitisation of the media world, the Internet, the rampant growth in mobile handhelds, and the triumph of social media have significantly changed how the media are used. Today, 63 million people are online in Germany, which corresponds to 90 percent of the German-speaking population over 14 years of age. More than 50 million people in Germany use the Internet daily. On average, every user spends about 182 minutes a day online, while the figure rises to 366 minutes for 14- to 29-year-olds. More than every second person surfs from a mobile handheld. Moreover, over half of all Internet users are members of a private community.

Use of social media

The digital revolution has generated a new concept of the public sphere; social media and the Bloggosphere mirror an open society of dialogue in which everyone can participate in opinion-forming discourse. Around 38 million users are active on the social media in Germany, most of them on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Virtually all German media companies are now represented in social networks too. Journalists from all fields are living up to their professional responsibility to counter fake news and deliberate disinformation.